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Transponder Key

Transponder Key

Did you lose your transponder key? That’s horrible news for sure!

24/7 Calgary Locksmith is here to offer a solution to anyone who needs one of these special keys made and re-programmed!

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transponder key
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What is It?

The difference between a regular car key and a transponder key is in the level of security.

Transponder keys have a chip in them that receives and returns a radio signal to the ignition.

The ignition gets the signal only from the transponder key made for your car, and only then does the ignition start to work.

A regular car key isn’t going to be enough for your car to start up!

Fast Service

If you need one of these keys made for your car, call us and we will take care of it.

We will need to cut the code into the metal part, and reprogram the chip and the ignition as well.

24/7 Calgary Locksmith offers this and many more similar services anywhere in the Calgary metro area, 24/7, holidays included!

We will answer your requests and provide the necessary transponder key related services within 15-20 minutes after you call us!

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