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Lock Rekey in Calgary

Lock Rekey in Calgary

Your have a high quality lock that works fine, but you still don’t feel safe? It definitely makes sense when you believe that someone else might have a key that fits this very lock.

In the past it would be necessary to change the whole lock, but nowadays we can offer a cheaper and faster method that has the very same impact – making other key irrelevant!

Call 24/7 Calgary Locksmith whenever you need locks rekeying at (403) 800-5526 !


Lock rekey is a non complicated process to do for a professional locksmith, which changes the code in the lock, turning it into a new lock from inside, immune to old keys.

Of course, you will also get a brand new key made, which will be the only key fitting the same lock from that moment.


A lock rekey will spare you a big mess, usually resulted by the need to find a good lock that fits your security needs and budget and of course – all the labor needed to change a lock.

There is no other choice but a lock change when it doesn’t work, but if it does and you need to upgrade your security – call (403) 800-5526 and ask for a free estimate for lock change!

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